Kathleen Lights talks to fans about supply issues with KL Polish

Kathleen Lights, the well known makeup artist on YouTube, addressed fans in the latest video on her channel about the issues surrounding the launch of her first independent beauty product, KL Polish. She’s collaborated with several renowned cosmetic companies, such as Morphe and Colourpop, on eyeshadows which were all very well received by fans and critics alike. Going it along was a natural next step, however going with nail polishes as her first independent product launch was not an obvious choice and a surprise to many.

The first collection was launched just before Christmas, the busiest time of the year for the entire retail industry and possibly not the best time for a . Due to unmentioned reasons, the shipments were delayed and some people who preordered didn’t receive the items before others who ordered in the regular launch, with many others not receiving their products by Christmas at all! Kathleen expressed her regrets for the issues and thanked her fans for their patience as well. Hopefully her team has learned from this crisis and can resolve the issues before her hinted Spring collection of nail colors comes out.


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