In October 2016, Jerrod Blandino, the founder of Too Faced, teased fans with the below image of a green Melted Matte liquid lipstick disclosing only that the release would be in Summer 2017! Now that’s a long wait time and too little info to survive on. The existing Melted Matte Liquified Matte Lipstick collection consists of 18 colors so it seems that the release will add further colors to it.


Then earlier this week, we got another clue with a picture of 6 new Β lipsticks in the Melted Matte line. The ‘Wicked’ green color really stands out amongst the other five ones which are more pale, in shades of rose and pink. Now we know that the release is closer sometime in March 2017. Personally I think the first Instagram post with the green emojis (and that little clover leaf) is hinting at a St Patrick’s day release on March 17! I could be wrong!

But it is likely that more information from the founder and/or the company will make things clearer in the coming days. Given the amazing response from fans to new releases, I have no doubt that they will be well received.



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