I LOVE Colourpop … who doesn’tAlexis Ren is a model with a whopping 7.7 million followers on Instagram, so this is a huge opportunity for Colourpop to expand its brand even further.

The collection will consist of 6 items some of which will be completely new products:

1. Blotted Lip


In line with the ongoing natural-look trend, Colourpop will be releasing an entirely new formula of lippies that will be similar to lip tints. The 3 shades will be Lexi (a red), Deja Vu (a rose), and Exotic (a poppy red). Each will retail for $5.




2. Topaz Palette


Colourpop released it’s pressed powder eyeshadows earlier this year, and now they are taking the next step with a contour-highlighter palette in the same forumula. Currently they only have the Sculting Stix for contouring, and cheek powders in a creamy consistency. This will retail for $15.




3. Ultra Liquid Lipsticks


Current fan favorites, the Ultra Matte lipstick will be available in an all new color called Little Weapon (a bright red), as will the Ultra Satin lipstick in color Bare Necessities  (a peachy pink). Both will retail for $6 each.

The collection will be exclusively available on on Feb 3, 2017.


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