Photo: Casey Holmes | Snapchat, Instagram

Unbeknown to us, Casey Holmes has been wearing the highlighters from her upcoming project with Smashbox for months, even in her YouTube videos and Snapchat pics!  I know…how did that happen? Well we got the first official sneak peak of the collab last week with a picture of 2 boxes with spotlights on them, which was a dead giveaway that these were highlighter set(s).

Casey finally shared a video of the launching products online, showing us not one, but two highlighter palettes (hooray), with 3 pans in each! The Pearl set appears to have cooler toned, pink shades, whereas the Gold has warmer ones. The formula appears very creamy and Casey herself has mentioned that they are great for people with texture (which is definitely me).

We don’t know yet further details about this release, but she hinted that it would be available within 7 days, so that would be around 17-18th February. We’ll be waiting with baited breath till they drop.




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