Jeffree Star – Androgyny Palette out tomorrow!!

Makeup lovers will be aware that if you want the brightest highlighter – and I mean so bright that you block out the sun – then Jeffree Star‘s Skin Frost is the thing for you. Not only are they fantastic they come in a whole range of colors (even black and green), with the latest one, Siberian Gold, just coming out in Jan. The YouTube star also isn’t afraid of color, and if he’s reviewing a product that doesn’t have enough pigment, he’s going to let you know about it!!


His first eyeshadow palette, Beauty Killer, which was released on 2016 was extremely well received by fans. So we obviously we all have great expectations for his next project, the Androgyny Eyeshadow Palette.  He unveiled the product on his YouTube channel in early Feb 2017, and gave us the full story behind it with swatches as well. Personally I love it when artists do that because it really helps you decide on whether it’s the right purchase for you (rather than teasing you endlessly with pics on social media).

The palette has 10 colors in 2 finishes, supper mattes and metallics. Although the overall theme for the palette was earthy, natural shades, about half of them are very vibrant colors. You can definitely do a full look with this palette and I think it would be a great one to travel with. Details are in the picture below with descriptions as described by Jeffree himself.

js-adrogyny-3 js-adrogyny-2

The case: It’s bubble gum/ hot pink leatherette because…well it’s Jeffree after all, with gold detailing. The inside cover has a mirror which should be very useable and is decorated with a very pretty design.

The pans: Jeffree insisted on having a good amount of product so that users enjoy the experience of the product without running out almost immediately.

The formula: It is vegan and cruelty free. Jeffree worked with his team to improve the pigmentation from his previous palette so the colors should be pretty intense.

The colors: 


The reviews: Jeffree’s friends have been some of the first to review the palette and he’s been very generous about giving it to other influensters with rave reviews across the board.


 The palette be available 4th March on his website and Beautylish at 10AM PST, and will retail for $45.


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