It seems that the Unicorn theme is in full swing with every brand coming out with their own versions, with social media being covered in colorful and whimsically designed products. Next in line is Tarte Cosmetics. Their collections always consist of high quality products, with very creative themes and perfect packaging! So there’s no doubt that they will be slaying the Unicorn trend as well with these super enticing products:

Magic Wands Brush Set, $39

Tarte - Unicorn brushes

This is a full face set of 5 brushes that have Unicorn horn shaped ends, and each has different colored bristles. They are so cute and dreamy that just looking at them is giving me a ton of joy. The brushes consist of:

  1. Pink Powder Brush – Foundation.
  2. Green Blending Eye Shadow Brush – Eyeshadow crease.
  3. Blue Shading Eye Shadow Brush – Eyeshadow packing.
  4. Magenta Contour Brush – Cheek contouring.
  5. Purple Liquid Foundation Brush – Cream and liquid foundations or primers.




Make Believe in Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette, $40

Tarte - unicorn palette

The top of the case has a beautiful kaleidoscope style design in pink, purple and blue. Inside there are 10 metallic eyeshadows and 1 strobing highlighter, all in their signature formula that uses Amazonian Clay.


Spellbound Glow Rainbow Highlighter, $30

Tarte - unicorn highlighter

This includes 4 shades including a champagne, light gold, pink and mauve. They can be used separately, however together they create a lovely rainbow holographic look.

The collection is out on March 15th, 2017 and will be available on Tartecosmetics.com.


Too Faced – Summer Collection is HERE!!


Several weeks ago, I wrote about Too Faced coming out with some new shades in the Melted Matte Liquified Lipstick collection. Well these lipsticks are only a small part of their larger Natural Love Summer Collection 2017 that is out today.

Too Faced first created the Natural Look palette in 2009, which only consisted of 9 eyeshadows, but now they have created a new, modern and very romantic version of the palette. A Natural look not only includes different shades of brown, but also has more soft shades such as pinks, peaches, mauves etc. that are subtle but still vibrant. It’s a great theme for the Spring/Summer with very earthy, soft floral tones.

 The eyeshadow palette is at the center of the collection, but also includes the highlighters, a brow pencil and liquid lipsticks. Details of each are given below:

NATURAL LOVE EYE SHADOW PALETTE – 30 natural shades in matte, shimmer, and sparkle eye shadows. 13 colors are from the other Natural palettes whereas 17 are completely new and exclusive to this version. Price $59.
2F - love palette2

LOVE LIGHT HIGHLIGHTERS – 3 liquid-to-powder highlighters. The heart shaped packaging is similar to the one the Love Blushes come in. Although all these colors will be universally appreciated, on their YouTube channel, Jerrod explained that the ‘You Light Up My Life’ highlighter will compliment a tan or darker skin tones. The ‘Ray of Light’ will work well on top of your blush to give it a romantic glow. The ‘Blinded By the Light’ one is a champagne color that will look good at the high points of your cheek and the center of your face, and will compliment fairer skin. Price $30.2F - love highlighters2

CHOCOLATE BROW-NIE – Waterproof, cocoa powder-infused retractable brow pencil that are available in 4 shades. Price$23.
2F - brownie love

MELTED MATTE – 6 new ultra-matte shades. These will pair perfectly with any eye look created using the Natural Love eyeshadow palette and there is a shade for every occasion. Price $21.


2F - highlighter review


“[Highlighters] are soft and subtle – they aren’t like BAM, in your face”

Kissandmakeup Beauty Channel



2F - highlighter review2.png

“These [highlighters] are really silky, very nice texture, they glide on super nicely. It [eyeshadow palette] does have some great shades – warm shades – I think it’s a really pretty palette if you like these tones “

Samantha Schuerman


2F - highlighter review3
“So far these [highlighters] are actually really nice, you have to build them up a little bit, which I really like. My skin is very textured right now, they’re not really accentuating it”

Donovan Gibb


The collection is currently only available on toofaced.com, and will be on Ulta on April 2nd, and Sephora on 14th April.

Jeffree Star – Androgyny Palette out tomorrow!!

Makeup lovers will be aware that if you want the brightest highlighter – and I mean so bright that you block out the sun – then Jeffree Star‘s Skin Frost is the thing for you. Not only are they fantastic they come in a whole range of colors (even black and green), with the latest one, Siberian Gold, just coming out in Jan. The YouTube star also isn’t afraid of color, and if he’s reviewing a product that doesn’t have enough pigment, he’s going to let you know about it!!

photo: http://www.jeffreestarcosmetics.com

His first eyeshadow palette, Beauty Killer, which was released on 2016 was extremely well received by fans. So we obviously we all have great expectations for his next project, the Androgyny Eyeshadow Palette.  He unveiled the product on his YouTube channel in early Feb 2017, and gave us the full story behind it with swatches as well. Personally I love it when artists do that because it really helps you decide on whether it’s the right purchase for you (rather than teasing you endlessly with pics on social media).

The palette has 10 colors in 2 finishes, supper mattes and metallics. Although the overall theme for the palette was earthy, natural shades, about half of them are very vibrant colors. You can definitely do a full look with this palette and I think it would be a great one to travel with. Details are in the picture below with descriptions as described by Jeffree himself.

js-adrogyny-3 js-adrogyny-2

The case: It’s bubble gum/ hot pink leatherette because…well it’s Jeffree after all, with gold detailing. The inside cover has a mirror which should be very useable and is decorated with a very pretty design.

The pans: Jeffree insisted on having a good amount of product so that users enjoy the experience of the product without running out almost immediately.

The formula: It is vegan and cruelty free. Jeffree worked with his team to improve the pigmentation from his previous palette so the colors should be pretty intense.

The colors: 


The reviews: Jeffree’s friends have been some of the first to review the palette and he’s been very generous about giving it to other influensters with rave reviews across the board.


 The palette be available 4th March on his website and Beautylish at 10AM PST, and will retail for $45.

Oscars 2017 – Best 5 Beauty Looks

It’s no surprise that the celebrities came out in their best frocks and suits for the 2017 Oscars, the biggest event of the awards season. There were lots of classic styles and some really creative ones that completely stood out, which included both fashion and beauty looks. Natural glowing-from-within skin, fierce eyebrows, winged eye-liners and headbands were a common theme.



Nina had one of the boldest makeup looks of the night, at the Vanity Fair afterparty, with a smoky eye and cat-eye that was on point;  I should say it was the most perfect liner ever, the kind that we all dream about being able to apply. Whereas the liner was the hero of the look, the highlighter (E.L.F. Baked Highlighter in Moonlight Pearls, $4) was no side-kick and added the perfect glow to natural looking skin. Best of all, the entire look was extremely affordable using E.L.F products only! The pinky-nude lip was also created using the Beautifully Bare Matte EyeShadow in Blushing Rose ($4).




Lilly Collins went for old Hollywood glamour at the Vanity Fair afterparty and totally slayed it; the dress, the hair, the makeup….just utter perfection! Just like Nina, it was Lily’s cat eyeliner that was the star of the look but a very modern twist. If you look closer (or Instagram), you’ll see that it’s not filled in and is just an outline of a wing. Obviously only makeup artist to the stars, Fiona Stiles, could master something like that, which she created using the Lancome Grandiose Blendable Liquid Eyeliner ($32), liquid makeup remover and pointed cotton buds. The lipstick she used was Lancome’s L’Absolu Rouge in Berry Noir ($32).


Taraji just can’t look bad on the red carpet (she was one of my best look picks from the SAG awards as well); in fact I think this was her best look of the season. Her velvet, off the shoulder dress was the perfect example of a classic done perfectly! As was a common theme of the night, she modernized the look with her voluminous curly bob. Her eyebrows and smoky eyes were the main focus of her makeup, which were beautifully complimented with natural glowy skin (Glossier Priming moisturizer) a light blush (Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk and Beam. Note: Preorder available here) and a nude satin lip.






Not everyone can pull off a golden dress but Emma Stone certainly can; It also doesn’t hurt when it’s an intricately beaded Givenchy dress too. This is a perfect canvas with which to play with different colors on the face, and her makeup artist went with warm shades that complimented both the dress and her red-locks. The eyes are a subtle glittery golden (NARS Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow in Himalia) with a lovely rusty red lip that adds a pop of color.






It can be extremely difficult to balance a strong eye look with  an equally strong lip color. In fact, the general rule of thumb is that you pick one to be strong and keep the other more subtle, which was the case with most looks of the night. The reason why I’m picking this in my Top list is because Kirsten’s eyes are extremely well defined with a deep eyeliner (Chantecaille’s Luster Glide Eyeliner in Black Forest) which creates a very piercing look, which somehow balances very well with her cherry lips (Chantecaille’s lipstick in Cerise).


Photo: Casey Holmes | Snapchat, Instagram

Unbeknown to us, Casey Holmes has been wearing the highlighters from her upcoming project with Smashbox for months, even in her YouTube videos and Snapchat pics!  I know…how did that happen? Well we got the first official sneak peak of the collab last week with a picture of 2 boxes with spotlights on them, which was a dead giveaway that these were highlighter set(s).

Casey finally shared a video of the launching products online, showing us not one, but two highlighter palettes (hooray), with 3 pans in each! The Pearl set appears to have cooler toned, pink shades, whereas the Gold has warmer ones. The formula appears very creamy and Casey herself has mentioned that they are great for people with texture (which is definitely me).

We don’t know yet further details about this release, but she hinted that it would be available within 7 days, so that would be around 17-18th February. We’ll be waiting with baited breath till they drop.



Awesome Estee Lauder x Victoria Beckham collab Part II!!


Whether she’s wearing 8-inch heels or sneakers, Victoria Beckham is stylish as heck!! So it’s no surprise that her first makeup collab with Estee Lauder received rave reviews and sold out in no time. Good news now is that there will be a second release which will include some of the best-sellers from the first collection as well as some newbies based on customer feedback.

Morning Aura Illuminating Creme – $95
Bronzer in Java Sun – $65
Bronzer in Saffron Sun (NEW) – $65
Highlighter in Modern Mercury – $65

Kajal Duo in Black Saffron/Vanille – $30
Ink in Black Myrrh – $45
Foil in Blonde Gold – $36
Metals Eyeshadow in Bitter Clove – $45

Lip Gloss in Moroccan Heat – $35
Lipstick in Nude Spice (NEW) – $45 

Makeup Pouch – $940

The collection will debut backstage at her New York Fashion Week show on Feb 12 and  is currently available for pre-order on Victoriabeckham.com (delivery by Feb 24). It will also be available in March on esteelauder.com and Net-a-Porter. All items can be purchased individually or as 2 sets with different looks inspired by the cities Victoria lives in, London and Los Angeles.


Eye Kajal Duo in Black Saffron/Vanille
Eye Ink in Black Myrrh
Eye Foil in Blonde Gold
Eye Metals Eyeshadow in Bitter Clove
Lipstick in Nude Spice




L.A. LOOK – $196
Bronzer in Java Sun
Highlighter in Modern Mercury
Eye Kajal Duo in Black Saffron/Vanille
Lip Gloss in Moroccan Heat


Colourpop‘s CEO, Laura Nelson, may not be as well known to the brand’s fans as is someone like Jerod Blandino, from Too Faced, but it seems like she’s getting into the social media game as well. On her own Instagram account, she started “leaking” pictures of various products likely from their next collection launch. The first was of a set of pressed powder shadows in a variety of colors and finishes. Three days later came a picture of 3 individual Lippie Stix boxes and one large unknown box with the words “One Of a Kind”, which clearly were going to have something to do with Valentine’s. She also shared a picture of a box with a duo of pressed powder shadows.

Oops I don't think I was supposed post this #HomiesGonnaKillMe

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Guess what I snuck out on Friday @colourpopcosmetics ???? 💖💖

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From what we know till today, the collection consists of the following:

  • 5 duo pressed powder sets

These are mini sets with 2 pressed powder eyeshadows each. Already people are drawing comparisons to the very similar ones from Kylie’s Valentine’s launch. So far we’ve only seen a picture of these 2 colors but it’s likely the others will also be in the pink, peach and silver/grey family (from the first Gram).



  • 3 new Lippie Stix


The Lippies are milky nude shades shown in the picture below, in a new creme finish formula. Their existing formula is very good so it’s no doubt the new one will be equally good. However the colors are warm nudes that most makeup lovers would already own.





  • 1 all new foursome



So far there aren’t any confirmed details but earlier today Laura showed a clip on Instagram of 4 pressed shadows so these may be the ones being included in the collection.





  • 2 Super Shadow shadows – One shadow appears to be matte and the other metallic, both in shades of red.


  • 1 mini Matte Liquid lip
  • 1 tie-dye highlighter



This looks like a highlighter with both light and dark pink tones.


This collection will be available on 7th Feb at 10am PST on colourpop.com.

Update (02/06): The latest social media updates show the “One of a Kind” duo pressed-powder set seen earlier and an additional 4 sets called “Meant to be”, “Boyfriend Stealer”, “Two to Tango”, and “Apple of My Eye”.

There was also a first glimpse of the mini set with 5 liquid lipsticks in shades of pink and red.

The Duo sets will retail for $10 each and the mini set for $8.


Photo credits: Instagram (ColourPopBossLady, Colourpop)